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We’ve Updated Our Patient Portal!

Our new patient portal will provide a better online patient care experience. Please note that patients who had a patient portal account prior to 12/1/2022 will need to re-register for the new patient portal.

​We encourage all of our patients to register for the secure online Patient Portal that includes:

  • Telehealth patient care visits,

  • Secure messaging with your care team,

  • Requesting appointments and prescription refills online,

  • Reviewing your test results online, and more!

“I was very inspired by Dr. Szal's life, work and approach to care - what an amazing individual. I loved the spirit of not accepting an unfair status quo, and doing everything - EVERYTHING - to provide the best care possible. Down to spinning the patients blood to create a fibrin patch to repair their bone because this person was in dire need, or staying late on Saturdays to treat patients and offering mouth sculpting so that folks could get life changing dentures. I think many in that position would say 'its too much to ask'; or 'it can't be done, I don't have the resources’; and that Dr. Szal wouldn't accept that as okay was so inspiring.”

Clinical Student from Harvard/MGH